Standards I Didn’t Know About

Me: “So, do You stand out in the woods all night long for others?”Him: “For you, Yes, for others, no.”

Me: “You caught me off guard, you have my attention.”

Sometimes, like at times like these, I wonder how far up my standard level is. I’m starting to think that I have very high standards at times like these.


My Personal Experience with a God Years Ago…

Since today is Freya’s Day, in my own experience, years ago, and this was one of the last times that I’ve shed a tear, I was grieving over the loss in my life. This is a personal experience of my own, and due to Apraxia and this taking place years ago, take your time.

I was once told of the beautiful Goddess Freyja and Her beautiful tears of gold.

I have no idea where to share personal experiences or personal happenings, so I decided to share this here.

I rarely cry, it’s very rare for anyone to catch me crying. I don’t cry around others, anyone, in fact, and I rarely shed any tears. I am usually always content and complacent. Back then, I will keep my tears to myself, no idea exactly why I did this? I may still do. But, I do know, for health reasons, that crying can cause myself severe sinus infections, so I never feel the need to cry as often as one thinks one should. So, when I do cry, I will always be by myself, alone, completely hidden some place, any place when I do cry.
The first time that I shed a tear in public, around strangers, friends and family was the day that a passing happened. Of course, I knew that I will be grieving, it only made sense for myself to cry for the loss of a life so close to my own.
That moment, years ago, I started working with a God at the time. I have no idea exactly why this Deity came the next day after a death so dear to my heart took place, but He did. There was a moment, that I had a moment to myself, between discussions, and in that moment, I knew what was going to happen before it even took place.
I was being polite and kind to this God that I just started to work with years ago. I told Him, politely, “Excuse me, if you please?” I remember giving Him a kind smile. The God that I was working with was completely fine if I had to leave real fast…
So, I was exiting before I took a step back into the room, I probably did, and let Him know, kindly, that this may take a few moments, if He is certain He wouldn’t mind waiting for some time? This Deity gave me a look in question, like now in wonder what exactly was I doing if I was leaving for some time, but this Deity that I started to work with, years ago, has been very kind, though still sounding in question and in wonder of what I was up to exactly, but too polite to ask, He answered with an “of course…” followed by a kind, “take your time…”
That was my que to go. I remember hiding myself away into a restroom, I thought that I locked the door behind me, turned on the faucet of running loud water, and then I started to cry to myself. I was still in the healing process of grieving, and even when working with a God, even with my own guidance, I still hid away and cried for some time.
I remember that moment, leaning against the sink counter and sobbing tremendously. It was a grieving process for me, and I have no idea why I never choose to be around another when I cry, even a Deity, Who can probably understand my own loss, but I was hidden away once more, and crying a whole lot that time many years ago.
I was hoping that time will give me plenty of space and time for that grieving, as it was only the next day without my deceased loved one not there with me, I hoped that time can understand and let me grieve a little more.
Then I remember Someone being there with me, and when I looked around, the door was open, this Deity was there, I quickly covered my face, which still had tears on it, looking away in the other direction. I couldn’t stop crying at that point.
I confessed that I never allow anyone to see my tears. It was a terrible confession to make aloud, and I still haven’t let anyone see me cry since that happening years ago.
I was shared something right then, as I uncovered my face, looking in the other direction, opposite Him. I was shared of the most Beautiful Goddess, Whom can shed beautiful tears of gold, and after He shared this mentioning to me, I looked at Him, still in tears, for I was so confused over why He felt that I was held to be compared to this beautiful Goddess, Who can shed beautiful tears of Gold?
He let me know, it was not about the comparison, but simply, because He has saw and known Her to cry tears of gold, how beautiful that sight is to see, now looking upon me shedding tears, though my tears are not gold, but that I am still beautiful to see there, crying before Himself. He shared that He felt a Little honored right then, seeing my beauty crying as so. He was very careful with His words, He did say a lot more than what I shared here.
Pushing back my grieving and sadness, I asked Him, “Are You hitting on me? Even while I am so sad and crying?”
He shook His head to me and shared with me, that I ought to know since He has seen such a beautiful thing happen before and now that I was shedding tears, that He was seeing beauty again when He sees me there. I remember taking that in, and just staring at Him after this God shared with this with me. First, this Deity told me that He loves my smile, now He tells me that He loves my crying, and that I should not hide away from Him when I cry as I was…
I had no idea which Goddess He was speaking of, but I started to laugh about it right then, even with tears all over my face, I was laughing aloud. I was laughing and smiling, passed all the tears on my face, because I had no idea what this Deity, years ago, was speaking of, but I laughed about what He shared with me. I thought that it was very amusing.
He smiled because I guess that I was smiling, I remember getting most of the tears off of my face, as this Deity asked if He can walk me out of my hiding place and back out into the open once more? I walked out with Him. He finally asked, why, if I don’t mind answering Him, for I do not have to answer due to how much He saw me crying while hidden away in the restroom (I guess this Deity saw a lot of myself crying at that moment), but He wondered with care and concern over why was I crying as so? He felt such sorrow from me, and He did wonder why, but He also wished for me to be comfortable if I wished to share my reason why. I felt like this God may deserve an explanation for being so kind so far with myself.
I remember that moment years ago, explaining to this God that I just started to work with of the passing that I had. So far, at that point, when everyone saw me crying, which for some reason, they started to cry as well, even my sister-in-law Who was there, saw me crying, she said that from my crying, even how silly that it sounded, she started to cry, too. Even my brother cried due to it, everyone cried that came in contact of myself shedding so many tears and that just of sorrow. I explained a lot to this Deity. I did not tell Him this, but everyone told me, “I am sorry your cat passed away,” but then when He felt the need to do so, even after knowing she was a cat, this Deity let me know, with such sincere and care, that He is sorry to hear of my child has passed on. He may not have used those exact words, but this is how it felt when He shared those next chosen words with me.
This Deity, years ago, was the first individual, to tell me, condolences with such sincereness, such care, about my daughter passing on, over “I’m sorry your cat passed away.”
I remember the God that I started to work with was Loki. I had no idea why Loki chose those words to tell me, and I did give Him a small sad smile, like a silent, ‘thanks for that, you’re the first to tell me this, thank you.’ I remember Loki carefully asked me, if I wished to speak about something else with Him or more? He shared that He cares and is trying His best to be careful with the subject at hand, for He sees how I have been grieving (just then) away from Him, reasonably so, but Loki let me know, not to hide away when I shed any tear.
Later, I told my friends about my personal experience with the God Loki, and I was told that Loki has children Whom are a loss for Himself, that that was a powerful several messages to be given for myself during my time of grieving, so of course, He would not say, “I’m sorry your cat passed away,” but instead, He can understand, that my daughter, my child had passed on, and He understood back then why I was shedding so many tears.
Whom was the Goddess that shed beautiful tears of gold that the God Loki brought up for me to know of and about, is the beautiful Goddess Freya. I had no idea until my friends told me all of this information over what all that may have meant back there. The rest, I was left to connect on my own. And, a friend did ask me, my friend wondered what I looked like crying, because if Loki gave that response while I was crying, I must have looked like something else.
I do remember looking into the mirror after crying. I remember my cheeks were still rosy, my light makeup held in tact, actually, I don’t think I was wearing makeup, but my composure held, and my eyelashes were darker from the tears, making my eyes look bluer and larger in size. I looked the same before I even started to cry, if not better in looks.
Anyway, I had to share this aloud just because it made sense at the time given. It is a personal experience of my own. Maybe the God Loki is right? No idea, For I rarely shed tears. 💕

October 4: The Sleeping Beauty

October 4: The Sleeping Beauty
I get pretty saddened when I see so many people, young, around my age, and the older generations, whom all believe that Malificient is the blame and “the villain” to Sleeping Beauty’s dismise. In truth, from Grimms’ Fairy Tales, She was by far furtherest away from being the villain in the story. She was not a villain, but rather the antagonist, but really it was her gift that was the antagonist. Disney’s story plot created her into a monster, in truth, she was not and was highly respected. Malificient was a enchantingly beautiful, and very powerful Fairy in the tale, who, well…was declined an invitation to an event that she really felt she should have gone to…
I am here to retell this story, since I have heard of this story since I was small. My family, friends, Many will retell me these Fairy Tales, some Myths, and stories from Folklore of Olde, and this was definitely one I can easily recall Of.

The Sleeping Beauty.

Once Upon A Time, there lived a King and a Queen, who did not have any children. They went far and wide to have a child, from traveling to far off lands to reciting lines, to asking many upon many for aid to have this one child, but none had a purpose.
Alas, the Queen bore her daughter. There was a fine christening for their long-awaited daughter, the twelve Fairies were invited to become their infant daughter’s Godmothers.
The twelve invited fairies all attended this giant banquet, which was one of the grandest in the lands. Twelve of the Fairies were given golden plates to use, bejeweled cups to drink from, all the grandest as welcomed guests.
An elder fairy walked into the banquet shortly after. She is given a fine china plate to eat from and a fine china cup to drink from. The hall ignored this Elder Fairy.
The twelve Fairies continued by gifting the infant, six of the Fairy gifted her with Virtue, Joy, Riches, Intelligence, Allure, Wit, Beauty, Grace, Song, Dance, and Goodness.
The Elder Fairy was very angry with the King and Queen right then.
“You have forgotten to send My welcoming invitation and I am one of the most powerful Fairies amongst the lands,” She told the King and the Queen, with Her rage showing through Her collected and powerful words. “I see that I am not invited to this grand event, nor am I honored with a golden plate to eat from, nor am I honored with a bejeweled cup to drink to drink from.”
The King and Queen were frightened in place at their Thrones. How could they have forgotten this Elder Fairy? How could they have known, overseeing Her will cause so much rage from this Powerful Elder Fairy?
“No need to trouble yourselves,” She told the court, including the lost-for-words King and Queen, “I shall, too, leave your youngling the most blessed gift a Fairy can leave her with.”
The Elder Fairy turned to the infant-daughter, and gazed upon their daughter before gifting the infant-Princess Her gift.
“On your thirteenth Birthday, you shall prick your finger on a spindle wheel and you will fall down and die before your kingdom. The whole Kingdom will crumble due to your life’s loss. This kingdom will cease to exist, as well as you will die with this kingdom’s end.”
With that, without giving the King and the Queen a last glance, the Elder Fairy left the room, the Kingdom, never to be seen there for years again.

The twelfth fairy felt pity for the King and Queen, who were still at even more of a loss for words. This fairy saw they were only Mortals, only humans, who do not know any better than the rest. The Fairy hoped they will understand in time, not ever disrespect one of Their Elder Fairies. This fairy knew and saw that the King and Queen, everyone in the room right then knew never do such a thing again. Feeling at ease with this knowledge, the twelfth fairy tried to reverse the enchanted gift the Elder Fairy left this young infant.

She was dismayed. “I cannot reverse what has been done,” the fairy shared, sadly, “but I can give the small one a bit of rest. A little change to this gift and her ending.”
The Fairy looked from the saddened and shocked King and Queen to the infant, as She gave Her gift. “She shall not die when she pricks her finger on the spindle wheel, but she shall fall into a deep sleep, the whole kingdom shall stand still in time, unmoving, all shall be lost in time, time shall not falter on this Kingdom, same with her looks. She will sleep peacefully until a hundred years have passed, time will stand still for her as it does this kingdom, after one hundred years have passed, only then shall she wake from this deep slumber and when this Princess wakes, the enchantment shall be lifted, and then time will start again.”
The fairies all exited the hall after the last gift was given, but the twelfth fairy, whom gave Her gift last, went to the King and the Queen to give them a saddened smile of sympathy and pity.
“Learn from this,” She quietly shared, “We are Fairy, do not harm Us for being Whom We are. Never forget.” She exited the court with this after Her kin.

The King immediately banished all Spindle Wheels from the kingdom. Not even the word of a Spindle Wheel shall be known to the Princess. The King took everything in his power to keep his young daughter from this misfortune. The King kept his word. Every spindle wheel was cast out of the kingdom and none spoke of such a thing as a Spindle wheel.

The King and Queen’s daughter grew up as the Fairies gifted her, so beautiful, Wise, modest, good-natured, and everyone whom saw her was bound to fall in love with her. She was Beauty Incased in flesh. She was a sight to see, and all of the Fairies’ gifts all were granted, except for the last two gifts given to the Princess.

One day, on the Princess’ thirteenth BirthDate, the King and Queen were busily doing duties, so the Princess wondered off in the castle. She was wondering through each bedchamber, every room as she normally does. There was no harm to her curiosity. Then the Princess curiously wondered into an old tower she has never set foot.
“I wonder how long this tower has been here, and why I have never entered this tower before?” She curiously wondered to the tower.
In the tower, an old door stood ajar, a key hanging out of the door, and the Princess curiously wondered into the room.
Inside was an elderly woman, spinning what looked like wool from a thread from a curious device?
“Good day, Old Mother, What May you be doing there?” The Princess curiously asked, while watching the Elder woman weaving her flax.
 “I am spinning,” replied the elderly woman, busily nodded to her business before her.
“Oh?” The princess came curiously closer to the device and the woman more. “What is this you are using though? What is this contraption that makes such a curious noise, and what is this?”
Before the elderly woman can explain what it was, the princess barely even touched the Spindle of the wheel, when the Princess pulled back in reaction to the sudden pain that it caused her.
“Ouch!” The Princess held her finger in pain, as blood was slightly pulled on the tip of her finger.
“Are you well?” The elderly woman asked the Princess, watching the young maiden in curiosity, as the first drop of the princess’ blood hit the old floor.
“I…I do not feel well?” The young princess suddenly felt faint. “I feel ill…”
The room started to spin for her. She stumbled backward losing her balance, until she landed on something soft and made out of feathers and down. The Princess curiously saw herself landed on a bed that lay in the room, and made herself as comfortable as possible while laying there on that bed, as she felt herself being pulled into a sleep.
The elderly woman, stood up and curiously watched this young lady finally shutting her eyes. As she lie there, her last breath was given, as she stilled, like as though death had taken her very life away.
The elderly woman snorted to herself, rolling her eyes to the ceiling of the old tower. It happened, and she didn’t expect the young princess would bed herself before she slept to her own death.
“This worked well enough,” the elderly woman told Herself, “I hope these Mortals get My message through, nice and clear.” With that remark, She vanished, with Her enchanted Spindle Wheel in Her wake.

The whole kingdom then abruptly stopped in mid-sentence, in the middle of cleaning, in the middle of cooking, in the middle of ruling, everyone suddenly froze in time and place. Even the animals froze in place. Suddenly, a frightening thing happened around the Frozen in time kingdom. A vast wall of lots and lots amounts of vines with thorns appeared to encase the whole kingdom. The Castle was hidden within the enchanted protected by this incredibly high and beyond thick thorns, caused by an enchantment which has never been seen before that day.

As time passed, everyone heard of the kingdom left to ruins. The suitor that was suited off to the young princess could not get his men in, and try as they all may, Many warriors, knights, suitors, everyone died trying to get into the castle. They were lucky if they were impaled by the thorns trying to get in. The enchanted thorns killed every person who attempted to try to rescue the princess and the kingdom within. Her suitor grew old, even died, generations heard of the enchanted kingdom, also of the rumors of how many men died trying to get passed the vines of thorns, which no one can get passed. The kingdom was that of rumors as of legend for years, and such an odd sight to see for one’s self.

Within lay the princess, Frozen in time. Within lay the whole kingdom frozen in place, within time that stayed still.

Many years upon years passed before a King’s son heard of the rumors and visited this land that his father spoke so fondly and mysteriously of. The prince wished to know of this to be true as to the rumors his father, the King tells to him. The King was fearful for his son’s life, for stories of how many Kings’ sons that have all died trying to get into the kingdom passed the incredibly high thorned walls of those so thick, no one and no sword or axe was able to break these vines.

A hundred years has started to pass, when the son of this King easily slipped passed the thorned vines. “These do not seem as high as I am told,” the Prince acknowledged, as he continued.
He saw how everyone and everything was Frozen in place, and he purposely stayed clear of everyone, including the animals Frozen there in mid-moment, and that of the Frozen in place King and Queen on their thrones. The prince was fearful that this may happen to Himself if he got too close to anyone there in the kingdom.
The prince curiously followed his father’s words and went to the oldest tower there in the castle, and curiously found a door, and opened the door to find the room empty except for that of a bed. Laying on the bed, he could make out someone lying there.

The Princess was the most beautiful sight this prince has ever laid eyes upon. Her beauty was something to behold. The prince was overpowered by her beauty; subconsciously, he walked up to this bed, in which she laid peacefully upon, and he gently touched her cheek, which did not feel cool, nor warm, it only felt delicate and that of flesh. In wonder, he leaned in toward her face, to try and feel for a breath from her. He turned his head to feel or listen for a breath.
“She is not breathing.” The prince leaned back more in surprise toward this discovery. “My old man has been telling me the truth,” the prince whispered to himself. “The old man did not jest. She is dead, but she is not cold? Nor is she warm?”
The prince curiously and observantly tilted his head to try and get a good angle of her beautiful and angelic-like form and facial features. He saw her cheeks, which still had color, she saw her hair was still wondrously kept, and he curiously saw her hands still having that of color.

To this prince, she seemed far from being dead. The prince was about to become into amazement, when he eyed her lips.
“I wonder,” the prince curiously said aloud, “if the rest of her does not feel hot, warm or cool, if at least her lips hold of temperature.”
The prince slowly leaned in, watching her, to see if she will give any sign of awakening. He admired her beauty up close to his face, seeing every detail of her beauty up close, and he smiled lovingly at this enchanted princess that he has heard of since recalling from his earliest childhood. The prince leaned in then and gently but tenderly kissed her lips with his own.
As the prince’s lips were lingering there, he noticed, with his eyebrows raising so slightly, that her lips almost felt as delicate as the flesh that was on her cheeks, her hands, but her lips were warming to his touch. He pulled his lips away, wondering if it is his lips that caused her lips to warm to his touch. She did not wake, so he leaned in for another loving and gentle, lingering kiss.
As the prince kissed this princess, a hundred years have now come to pass, the last two gifts were fulfilled. Time was starting once more around these two.
The prince pulled slowly away, feeling her lips warmed underneath his own now. Up close, he saw her eyes moving underneath her closed eyelids. The prince smiled to this.
“Are you willing to wake?” The prince wondered to her, lovingly. “I am happy to know, you are not dead.”
He pulled away, as he watched her mouth open to take in her first air, and he gave her more room, as he watched her chest gently rise and fall in a breathing steady pattern now. The prince watched her fingertips twitch a little. The prince’s eyebrows raised in wonder, as the long Frozen princess woke from her long sleep, opening her eyes for the first time before him.
She blinked rapidly, looking confused, yet content at the ceiling above herself. Well rested after a sleep.
The prince smiled warmly to her, as he heard a rooster crowing not far away from the tower. It dawned on the prince that the kingdom may not be Frozen no longer. Maybe the kingdom has awakened with this Princess, as his father, the King has told him since he was small.
The Princess curiously looked over and saw the prince standing near her. She looked in confusion to this prince, and the prince’s eyebrows raised in surprise, as she asked him, “How long have been standing there?” 
The prince was taken aback that she can make out words, but her voice was as lovely as her looks. “Not too long,” the prince admitted. He grew a little inwardly embarrassed. He might have been standing there and admiring her for some time. Realizing this caused him to blush a bit more.
“Forgive me,” She let him know, quietly. “I do not feel well. Mind if you…?”
The prince was ready to aid this princess to her every need right then.
The kingdom was a bit disoriented after being frozen for so long and upon waking, the prince did not know what to expect when he left the tower with her in his careful arms, but was relieved to see the thorns and vines were gone, when he ventured around the kingdom by himself, as the princess laid in bedchamber a little longer. He sent for his father, the King and the King came in amazing speed to this kingdom that was once enchanted. Many had to convince the King and Queen that they were frozen in time once their daughter pricked her finger on her birthdate.
When the King and Queen accepted their interesting story, they realized how much time has passed, yet they did not age a minute. They, with the prince’s father, arranged the marriage between their daughter and his son, they celebrated their union and marriage with much splendor, and they lived in contentment together until their end of their days. ❤️

The Many Nopes Of Tea

October 3: History Retold of The Boston Tea Party and The Many Nopes Of Tea.
Usually, I never tell History stories, but sometimes, it can be fun. Like this one. This story from history is always fun to retell to others. I call this story, “The Many Nopes Of Tea,” though it is originally called, “The Boston Tea Party.”
Today, I told my father about “The Boston Tea Party.” My father likes listening to my stories about history, especially when they come from me.
Now, My recalling of history style is absolutely Extra, with a capital “E.” So, the language used in this may be completely non-accurate, nor with the story being retold, it is used in short story format; my stories and retellings are made to only entertain, not to educate.
Long ago, in 1773, there was the settlers in Massachusetts and there was England. Tea was a big thing back then. England had these harsh British Taxation Tyranny, which made Tea trades for the Northern part of America completely harsh. Many people of Massachusetts back then viewed this as completely harsh, due to tax allowed the Britain East India Company the price on selling the tea for cheaper than it was to smuggle the tea even from Dutch Traders.
There were protesters back then, called, The Sons of Liberty. They are The Resistance.
They demanded that the British Tea Trading Ships to immediately turn their ships around and go back to England. Though, the British appointed governor of Massachusetts, Thomas Hutchinson said, “Oh, I think NOT.”
He kept the ships on course and made certain that they arrived in the bay and at the docking points. The three Tea Ships, Dartmouth, Eleanor, and Beaver arrived to stay in Boston, Massachusetts. Which enraged the resistance of the Sons of Liberty into threatening them.
“Thy shall tar thee, place feathers all over thee, and thy shall do worse than this!” They shouted about it, demanding them to leave at once. Yet, the British Ships did not do such a thing as this.
“Crackpot ol’ fools…” One British shipmate mumbled about the resistance after exiting his ship.
This started The Many Nopes Of Tea.
At midnight one night shortly after this threat, right after the three ships arrived, Samuel Adams, yes, like the Lager Beer, became the leader of this movement, as they all dressed as Mohawks, which, back then was called, “Indians,” not Native Americans. They probably still believed Native Americans to be from India still…I’m serious there. Americans were not the smartest back then, but this movement cracked me up so hard when I first heard of this happening in Boston, Massachusetts.
In Boston, Massachusetts, during the midnight hour, Samuel Adams led the Sons of Liberty, over sixty men, to the three ships, where they found the crates filled with the tea. They all opened the crates on the three ships.
“Forget thy she’t’!” Samuel Adams shouted to no one in particular, as they all opened the crates, and wondered what to do next with the tea. “Drop thy crates into the sea below!”
And, that is exactly what they did, as Samuel Adams shouted, “Forget thy taxes and thy hounded taxation thievery! Throw all thee’ tea in! Thy don’t need no tea from England!”
The next morning, all the tea was destroyed by the ocean water. The ocean side turned basically into tea with how much tea was dumped there, but I wouldn’t suggest to drink the ocean. Someone once tried drinking the ocean and did not stop until He did drink half

the amount of the ocean before He stopped. It’s not worth it from that story tells…but that is another story entirely.
The British Trade lost over $700,000 back then in pricing, which is a whole lot of money back then for them to lose.
This is when a new Act was placed by 1774, due to the American Resistance against the unfair taxation of the Tea Trade happening from England to America. Parliament was absolutely enraged by this.
“Who in the actual conniving Hades would go and do such a thing to England?” Parliament shouted about it.
They were seriously enraged by the movement. They enacted the Coercive Acts, called, the Intolerable Acts by the people in Boston, Massachusetts. The Coercive Acts back in 1774 closed all shipping merchant trade to Boston, Massachusetts, also made British (formal) Military ruling within Massachusetts, and made the British Officials immune to Criminal Prosecution while within America. The people of Massachusetts called in act to hold their first ever Continental Congress.
“Thee should REALLY consider something to fix this problematic scene thy have here!” The Congress decided. “Thy need to consider United American Resistance now to the British!”
That is one of the reasons why Massachusetts never had tea, as well as North America went into war with England. Samuel Adams and the Sons Of Liberty called this Resistance Act: “The Boston Tea Party.”
So, the next time you are sitting down to enjoy your tea, remember these Many Nopes Of Tea. This is the story from history that I call, “The Many Nopes Of Tea Parties.” It led to war, I mean, come on now. That, for me, is called, The Many Nopes Of Tea.

One Of Hades’ Stories

October 2: One Of Hades’ Stories
Continuing on my retelling Of Stories…

I’ve decided to tell of a story, and it can be seen as such an interesting story to listen to for myself, for it is one of and about the God Hades. Which is a new story to listen to or maybe one you’ve already heard of this one before. Either way, this is the first time that I am telling this story told by me as the storyteller, and here goes nothing…
This is One of Hades’ Stories.
Hades is known as Hades: God of the Underworld, God of the Dead, The Deceased, God of Wealth, Riches, God of The Afterlife, God of Death, God of Darkness, God of Mortality, God of Metals. One thing that many forget is the God Hades is known for is to be one of the Fertility Gods, as well as one of the Gods of The Earth.
This tale is one of Hades, God of Fertility and The Earth.
Before and after meeting the Goddess Persephone, Hades has been known (from mythology and many stories, as well as tales told by voice and writing) to court with Nymphs, Maidens, Others as well as the Gods and Goddesses have been known to do so from the past stories and tales told. The thing known, and if you have not guessed, Hades is very secluded and to Himself, having every respect and right to be as such, for obtaining His Underworld, which is that of The Great Kingdom, Where everyone resides in in due time.
For Hades’ seclusion, and due to respect, Hades’ Stories and Tales of Desires, Passions, Loves, they are never told as often as one might think they should be told to others, who might wish to listen to them. They may not be told as often as a tale and a story should be told. One of them is such as this tale being told.
– [ ] The tale starts with the God Hades became attracted to a Nature Being, which can be seen as pretty common, on the outside of this story, how common this may sound, given many Gods and Goddesses are attracted to Nymphs and Beings of Nature surrounding Them. Being so attracted to this Nymph, Hades made certain to let her know of His emotions and actions toward her.
The Nymph of Nature fell for Hades in return. 

Not quite “falling” as in “fell,” but as in such attraction and passion back to this God, that you wouldn’t be surprised if Cupid’s arrow struck these two Beings to attract Them together from the beginning of first sight. Perhaps, maybe Cupid has…
Hades, God of the Underworld will go onto the Earth, amongst the living, to seek out this beautiful and enchanting Nymph’s affections. In return, this Nymph became playful and happy about His affections toward her and for her. She would run away from Hades, while laughing and looking back for Him, playfully and purposely teasing Him, maybe for the fun of it, enticing this God, “Come and get me if You can!”

It was Their way of play in many ways, like a private play, in other words, if you catch my drift…

Of course, in this tale, this Nature Nymph knew exactly what will happen when she does this, just as Hades knew what will happen every time she will do this with Him.
This beautiful Nymph will take off sprinting, playfully running, giggling and laughing all the while, and Hades will catch His Affectionate 

One, every time, and have His Ways with her.

It has happened in a number of times with these two and in a number of ways already by the point of this tale, and this time, the Nymph decided to sprint away once more, while giggling even harder this time around.
This enchanting Nature Being will sprint and run away, playfully from the God, Hades saw how enticingly beautiful, by the Moon’s light, she was. Not many knew of this tale was happening, for it was covered by the Night, the Moon will curiously watch these two frolic and enjoy themselves all too well. Hence why this tale is never heard of as much as should be often, as all the tales of Hades’ Loves go unheard of-not all of them, but quite a number do go unheard of.

When she will run, her beauty will shine bright as the Moon’s light, which made this God, Hades chase her so much affectionately that night, giving His lover a distance to run ahead of Him, to watch her enjoy herself, before He shall decide on catching her.
This time though, when they approached a field, her smile all the while showing them hat of uttermost happiness, did she is truly happy and playful, knowing that Hades is following close behind her hurried footfalls, though at a distance behind at a slow run toward herself, to give her much more distance ahead of Himself, which is all fair in play…but, this time, this desired Nymph has another idea entirely different from the original Hades was used to…

When Hades reached out with a smile to finally catch His Nature Nymph, she suddenly split herself in two. Making herself into two Nature Beings, both identical, both fast moving, both joyful as the other. Now being that of two of this gorgeous Nymph, and one of her ran left, the other of her ran right from Hades.

Hades smiled a little more, curious as to where was this going to go?

The God curiously followed, not stopping, heading in the direction of His Nymph that went left. When Hades reached out to catch His desired being, His Nymph split her form again, making now two more than what was originally one, then suddenly two more from th other two duplicates of the original lover of Hades.

Hades frowned a little to this, slowing down a little in His chase, and wondering, which way was He going to go now? Does He go straight forward at one of Her, to the left again to the other of Her, or to the right, or?

Hades started deciding which version of the duplicate Nymphs are the actual Nymph that He loves. Believing that this may be some kind of illusion she may have given Him.

The God realized that all the Nymphs all look the same, same hair, same clothing, her same eyes, her same smile, all of them were giggling and laughing like His Love does when being playful with Him.

“So, this may be her?” Hades wondered aloud to Himself.

Hades decided to leave the three duplicates of The Nymph He desired so and to chase back after the original Nymph, which went right.

Turning around, Hades had to slow His running once more, frowning deeply to what He saw before Himself:

There are now multiple of the same Nymph every where from the original Nature Nymph that He loves so…

Which does He follow now?

Hades was deciding, seriously which one does He shall follow in pursuit, and He decided to chase after the nearest one of His Nymph that ran closest to Him.

This Nymph ran passed the God, while glancing back at Him, giggling and laughing joyfully and playfully at His stumped and rather contemplative looks on His handsome and dark face.

Chasing after this Nymph, when He finally reached out to catch her playfulness. Right when the God’s hand gently touched her delicate back, suddenly…


Hades immediately stopped in His actions, terrified and shocked by what He just saw and witness happening. Right when His hand touched her, the Nymph He was chasing after just burst all together, leaving no remains behind but that of bright surprising light which vanished all together, like magic. As fast as she went POOF!, her whole form disappeared after the bright light that came of the noise.

The God Hades got that the one Nymph version of the original Nature Nymph of His must be a duplicate of herself, which exploded at His touch and disappeared completely. All the other duplicates and multiples of His Nymph burst out into laughter, probably because the original Nymph lover of His was laughing so hard and playfully about His shocked expression toward what the God just witnessed.

Curiously watching the spot where the duplicate just POOFed into bright light, Hades slowly backed away and then chased after another of His Nymph, but this one did the same as the last and POOF!

She shattered and exploded, disappeared into bright light as well.

Hades tried a couple more times, trying to catch each of His lover, but every time, they will always explode into surprising bright light, which will surprise this God even more.
Hades, the God of the Underworld, was starting to become more and more determined in finding her.

Hades finally gave up.

He stopped in the center of the field, surrounded by woods of trees and shrubbery, seeing now that there are over one hundred multiples of His Nature Nymph. All of them were running to and from the woods, near where He stood, enticing Hades, playfully to, “Come and get me!” Giggling when she passed Him.

“Come and find Me!” One playfully called out to Him with a big playful grin on her face, as she ran back toward the trees.

“Come and get Me, Hades!” Another giggled, while looking back to Him, as she ran away from His standing place.

“You are not giving up just yet, are You, My Love?” Another giggled near by, while running passed Him.

Hades took a step toward this one, but then decided to take His foot back to the original spot where He was just at.

The God Hades knew right then, this lovely Nature Nymph of His was tricking Him, and she was doing pretty good at it, too.

“This is all an elaborate trick done, and by My Own Lover?” Hades grinned a little toward this, as He watched His trick playing out before Himself.

The God smirked a little to Himself by this understanding, completely overexcited and amused that His lover could and can trick Him, Hades, God of the Dead, Who Judges The Dead, into trying to capture her multiples instead of herself.

Hades has been known for Himself to be a Trickster as well. Seeing this trick that His lover showed and used before Himself, highly amused Him, but also surprised Him.

“I never knew she will have this in her, to trick Me as so,” he knowingly watched all of her multiples of herself still playing the trick out before Himself.

Hades started to form His Own Plan…

Whilst He was deciding, with a smirk to Himself about all of this, the Nature Nymph kept running to and from Hades with all of her multiples running to and from Hades, which…after a couple minutes passed, she started to become concerned for Him. Her God was not chasing after her no longer, and Her God looked really serious now and even the smirk turned, in a moment, where His face showed that of determination, but only for a flash of a second.
This is when the God Hades decided not to do anything at all. He accepted this trick being done to Him.

The Nymph started to frown into a pout like emotion shown on all of her beautiful and enchanting facial features.

First, Hades folded His arms in front His chest, and did nothing at all. He did not take a step forward, even when she came close to Him while running passed, playfully, and He stopped smirking for a moment, which drove the Nature Nymph, hidden between and all through her multiple duplicates, clones and multiples of herself, into a deeper frown.

She began to watch Hades closely as she ran all her selves to and from Hades with a deep frown and concerned facial expression on every face of her own, all mimicking the same expression. She was growing more and more concerned at Where this may go.

She was afraid that she may see the possibility of the worst from Her God Hades…

Yet, this Nature Nymph did not realize that of Hades’ next move exactly was.

Just as the Nature Nymph tricked Hades by creating Multiples, Duplicates, and Clones of herself, Hades decided on His next move, carefully watching every one of herself running to and from Himself.

The God gave a small smirk as He looked down to His clothing, which His smirk turned into a grin, a mischievous one at this, and it grew into a bigger than life grin, as Hades knew His Nymph was watching His every move closely.

Hades started to slowly strip off His robings.

He took His time and made certain, to Ever so slowly strip off every part to His clothing that He chose to wear that night there to that field. Piece by piece, layer by layer slowly fell, revealing Himself more and more.

In doing so, this Nymph’s concerned deep frown turned suddenly into a curious look, as she watched Hades stripping off His clothing so slowly. She was still running to and from Hades’ standing place.

Hades kept His sly grin on His face, as He stripped off the last of His clothing.

Hades, smirking really big now, waited and watched this Nymph’s forms running to and from Him, all with the same shocked and curious facial appearance, they were not really giggling or laughing no longer, but more of a curious glance back to Him as they all ran passed Him.

A lot of the multiples, duplicates, and clones of this Nature Nymph did not give too much of a real expression, all curiosity turning into shock at what she was seeing before herself through her many hundreds of forms.

That’s when she, not the Nymph’s multiples, was sprinting toward Hades and realized something, that completely gave herself away to Hades.

While running passed Hades, seeing this God’s Glorious naked body, which she did not expect to see there during her trick to Him, she hesitated, taking in every inch of Hades’ body, as she ran passed Him.

That hesitation, as this Nymph ran passed Hades, gave her completely up. Her trick was over, Hades tricked her in return by using His nude form to make her reveal herself.

The God Hades knew that this Nymph will have to take a good look at all of His glorious nakedness before running passed, and Hades knew that she will give herself away by doing this.

Knowing and seeing Hades’ eyes widen in excitement in finding her from all her hundreds of multiples of herself, this Nature Nymph took off sprinting even faster away from Hades than she has been doing before being discovered. 

Earlier, it was play, now she was determined to keep a good distance between herself and Her God.

This Nymph was uncertain what this God may do with her once He catches her this time. Her trick may worked really well, but just as She can trick The God of the Dead, Hades’ tricked her back. She was both surprised and shocked at what all she saw back there. Imagine, the God of the Underworld stripped and bare-baked in the middle of a grassy field before yourself!

She had a little fear that she may have angered this God by her really good trickery. So, she hauled butt as fast as she can away from Him.
Without grabbing any article of clothing that He stripped off of Himself, Hades took off running right after her. Hades did not break eye contact from her.

All her multiples were running after them, running passed Hades and after her, all running in the same direction to try and trick the Dark God into believing that one of her multiples was her once more. Thing is, Hades already has an eye on His Desired Nymph, and He kept pursuing her.

This Nymph did not stop running until she got toward a cliff in the distance, but before she could reach the cliff, to dive off into the safety of the ocean beyond, the God came in and scooped her up gently but effectively by her waist. 

Causing her legs to run in mid-air for a moment.
Seeing her legs swooping in the air before herself, seeing this, loosing her stomach by the sudden lift off of Earth’s floor, she cried out in such surprise by being caught so suddenly and so fast.

Hades held her there close to Him, and She was facing the God Before burst out into her own joyful amusement.

She completely tricked this God, and she had no idea She this in her to trick Him as so.
Hades was laughing a little about His love’s actions of that night.

“Never,” He answered her inner questions of before of what she felt for a brief moment as she ran from Him. Hades leaned in and shared with her a serious yet gentle, loving note, “Never again. Never again trick me like this ever again. 

This will be the last time you trick me in such a way as this. You terrified Me when I saw you disappear in bright flashing light. You have tricked me so, and I am quite fond of you even more.” He gently told His Nature Nymph that He desires, as He fell more in desired and in love with her by this, “Never again.”

Ever since, this Nature Nymph decided not to run from Her God and Hades always visits her since, for yes, Deities and Beings can experience being tricked by Another, even by lovers of Theirs.

Good Morning

I like the fact that I was woke up out of the middle of my deep sleep, fully knowing Loki is around, and thinking that it was time to wake up, while really…it was 3:00am on the spot.Loki waited, too.
Me: “Okay, Loki… You woke me up on a work night for something… Why’d ya’ wake me up at 3 in the morning, Loki?”

Loki didn’t give me a response, and I just went, Jeez…in my head, as I was slowly falling back to sleep again.

Me, now whispering: “Loki, I am going to go back to sleep, is that okay?”

Him, whispering back the same way: “Go back to sleep…”

Me, still whispering: “Okay… Nothing is wrong with waking me up at 3 in the morning, I just wonder why ya’ did it?”

Him, whispering back in a hushed voice: “Go to sleep…”

Me: “Okay…”

Him, a couple minutes later, still in that hushed voice: “Why are you not asleep yet?”

Me, whispering: “Loki, You did wake me up at 3 in the morning, and You are standing there in the dark…”

Him, hushed: “Go…to…sleep… Sleep is good for you.”

Me, whispering back: “I know…”

Me, regular voice again: “Goodnight, Loki…”
And, I fell back to sleep again.

Waking up at 3:00am on the spot due to the Gods. Always a win, for I get two more hours of sleep after that!