Day 21: Do I Believe If Loki Is Lothur?

Day 21: Do I Believe If Loki Is Lothur?

This topic I tried to avoid, but Loki decided to tell me a bit. Every day, Loki will push me more and more to say my answer on this topic. And, since this is a question to me, I covered my face toward this. I did not wish to give my answer on this topic.

This is not the first time I have been asked something along the lines of this.

Someone once asked me, if I believe if the God Hades raped the Goddess Persephone?

To be honest, these are the subjects, the topics that I never ask My Gods and Goddesses about, any Deity for that matter. I could see the importance of asking and my curiosity did not go that deep into the stories that I read. But, you know what I did? It did make me curious and I did ask both Hades separate and Persephone separate about the story told numerous times and in different ways, and both of Them, individually were more than happy to share with me of each of Their side to Their story.

From the God Apollo, I learned, that some myths told, some, just kind of branch off the truth of things. Such as some of His stories within myths, not all of it, but some parts, including Hades’ stories, are a bit different-not fully different, but sometimes, it’s better to ask Them, the Deity in question, than to assume other things.

Like, hearing it from the horse’s mouth, in other words.

I took that, what I was shared with by Apollo, and when this topic came up, I remembered that and I decided to think about this current topic a bit on my own and a bit with Loki.

Loki shared with me answers, many answers on this, and I listened to all of them. Then Odin sent me a message to go with, so I remember thinking aloud to myself, “Oh my goodness, I did not ask anything, yet You know, why… How…” I did not wish to talk about this, nor think about this topic asked, but here I am. Especially when Odin and Loki work Together.

I do remember once listening to Hades and Loki talk with me. At the time, I was thinking, in age, like mortals have, that Hades must go back further than Loki’s age. Hades, for me seems older in appearance than Loki seems younger in appearance-for me.

Loki laughed out loud. He was full out laughing about what I assumed.

Hades was highly amused by my open thoughts.

Hades let me know, passed Loki’s amused filled free laughter still on my thoughts with Them, that I can say how old and ancient Someone is, but if I go by looks one more time…

Hades explained, that Loki does go back a bit further than Hades does in context. Mentioning, IF I did read about Loki, like Hades highly suggested in my doing so before I started to Work With Loki; I remember Loki raising an eyebrow at me, and giving me a knowing look. Loki knew right then that I did not know much at all about Him. I remember looking in confusion from Hades to Loki, Who got done laughing and was now smiling really big to me. Loki let me know, that I can call Him what ever age I want, adding, with much amusement and much humor, Loki will take what ever age I give Him. Loki admitted, that He does not care about the age subject, but Loki did like how kind I was in letting Him know how young He was if compared to the God (Hades).

I don’t really know if that was a trick or not, but I was more than personally relieved when the confusion was lifted when the subject was changed.

That was a surprising day, filled with humor, I’m guessing. Odin gave me, in ways, a direct answer, so I am going to go with the answers I was given, but translated through myself. So, it can be different.

Yes, Loki and Lothur are AND are not the same God in the creation story.

Reasons being, Loki is a shapeshifter. Loki changes forms, identities, sex, so to say that Loki and Lothur are the same God will be hard to get passed another, Who was there. Also, Loki is pretty old than what I heard from the two in much shared amusement.

I think that is my answer on this.


Day 21: Loki’s Relationship With His Children

Day 21: Loki’s Relationship With His Children

Heads up, I am going to keep heading back to cover topics.

When I interact with Loki, out in public, even I notice that Loki does have a “parent figure” about Himself. I think it was when Loki started Working With me or maybe it was right before Loki started Working With me, I remember crying in private over a death that had happened for me. I remember that I didn’t expect anything from others, and I remember the grieving stages that I had vaguely. I remember before I knew Who Loki is, I remember Loki sharing details about Himself, personal details about Himself that I was surprised that Loki chose to share with me.

Thing is, I was told that Loki can lie a lot-not really “lie,” but tell half-truths or truths from another and not Himself. This time though, Loki told me some personal things about Himself. When I lost my daughter years ago, everyone gave me condolences on losing my pet, losing my cat, losing my familiar, losing a loved one, but no one gave me condolences for losing my daughter. Except for Loki.

When Loki came to me, He realized that I was still grieving. I remember the sky outside was raining that day. I remember Loki giving me condolences on losing my daughter. Loki followed His condolences with His Own personal understanding of this, for He explained with me, that He has lost His child before, so He knows what I was going through, or, as Loki let me know, He only knows a bit of what I can be going through right then in front of Him. I remember listening to Loki then, and then, remembering, I started to cry openly, but I remember trying for privacy and leaving, while trying to apologize for crying around Him, as I left. I really didn’t have to apologize to Loki for crying, but I rarely cry in front of others.

I am called an empath and I see why I am called this, so being an empath, I try not to show tears or big emotions such as sadness, grieving in front of others. For other empaths will start to cry as well. I had a couple others crying with me during that time, even family cried with me.

Loki came out and let me know, He knows how it is. I did recall what all happened with Loki to others who interact and know of the God Loki, and they responded with, “Read the Norse Tales, about Loki’s Children. He has Many Children to this day.” I did, and I read. What all Loki told me matched up with the Norse tales, and I was very surprised by this.

From that point and onward, I see Him with His Children, I have been with Loki when He remembers His Children, and how Loki behaves around them, I can see that Loki has close relationships with each of them. Sometimes, I see it may be distant relationships with some of His Children, maybe this is from an outsider’s point of view and not from Loki or His Child’s point of view, but I think that Loki’s relationship with His Children can run very deep. I think this may be a parent trait? Maybe a trait for being a parent to another. I see parental traits about Loki every so often, which makes me curious to watch and to listen to Loki speak. I think it’s one of Loki’s sides to Him, Loki being a parent figure. I get to see this side, interesting enough.

I know that I had to think back on this, in deep meditation about this.

From my own experiences, I guess this can be upg, I know that I will walk by one of Loki’s children and have no idea that they are Loki’s Child, but I still treat each, even if I don’t know that they are Loki’s, I still treat them with the kindest respect available to anyone and everyone.

To be honest, it’s hard for me not to be kind to another. But, most of the time, Loki has a lot of children, even blood-children, and I have no idea whom they are most of the time when I pass by one or interact with another, but sometimes, His children know to interact with me, and I never mind this. I love children inside and outside of my life. Maybe Loki let’s them know to come to me, or maybe they just interact with me anyway on their own account. I find it can be interesting how this works.

I know that this is from me, but I see family bonding done with Loki and His Children. I have seen this from a number of His Children.

I know that Loki has told me, that He has bonded with His Children, even when they don’t know Who He is, even if they don’t know, but Loki let me know that He does care for them, even if His Children don’t know. This made me smile to Loki, when He shared this with me. He cares for His Children so much. I think that is one definite thing of what makes a great parent.

I could go more into this, but I feel to leave this here for now. ❤

Day 19: Messages By Loki

Day 19: Messages By Loki

I like how Loki gives messages. He gives this to O/others, I/individuals, and I like hearing what all Loki has to say to each other. In ways, it can be wisdom, either to everyone or to the selected message received individual, but I do like hearing messages by Loki. Trying to translate what all Loki gives is the fun part, because not everyone has the same idea, same decisions, but the message still, somehow, gets out there, even for the selected or a majority of individuals.

Recently, I get a number of them, even before this month, and through meditation and deep centering I have been remember His Words.

“Love yourself, yet be gentle with yourself.

You are The Flower.

You bloom as the flower does,

Yes, you close your petals from the rest of the world.

Keep blooming.

Bloom Freely,

Bloom Wilder than the wind.


Leave the worry of closing your petals to the rest of the world to Me.

Leave your worries with Me.”

Day 18: Catching Up From Yesterday.

Day 18: Catching Up From Yesterday.

I decided to spend the day with Loki, one-on-one, but (somehow?) instead, I ended up with my old friend, that I’ve known for years. We shared many laughs and definitely made memories last night before calling it a night.

When I got home, I immediately lie down and went to bed, but somehow, I started astral projecting. I was with Loki, and I felt like I did something completely wrong. Loki had no idea why I felt that way, I don’t think I revealed that I was supposed to spend time alone with Him last night. Oops, I probably thought. Loki felt fine, but was curiously watching myself go through mixed emotions about it, though Loki had nothing to do with the emotions of my own.

Before astral projection, I saw one Dragonfly and definitely one Butterfly. I memorized them both, for they stuck around my area for some time, and it was curious seeing these two near by in a neighborhood.

I am glad Loki understands, though He had no idea why I was trying to apologize for what I was apologizing for. I am glad Loki thinks this way, and every time that I think about it more, the more grateful I am that He will understand me, going off with a friend when ever. Some guys (mortal and sometimes even married) don’t understand right off. Loki didn’t even seem phased by any of it. It was a relief for me. ❤

Maybe tonight, Loki and I can hang? Who knows, leaving it up in the air, for now.

Day 16: Scrying With Loki

Day 16: Scrying With Loki

I have started scrying with Loki, and there is only one to sum it up.


Scrying With Loki.

Makes me cover my face and go, “What does this mean?”

Loki to me on this: “Do Not overthink it. What are you seeing?”

Me to Loki, with face covered: “I am seeing things that I don’t understand.”

Loki to me: “Keep looking. Keep scrying.”

I am writing down my scrying from now on. Starting now.

Day 16: Loki’s Lesson Of The Day

Day 16: Loki’s Lesson Of The Day

I know how Loki gives out lessons, as He does His teachings. He does this for many, and for many different reasons, but only given a simple reason, by Loki.

One Loki taught me is: “Care less. Care much, much less than you have been.”

At first, I remember being so confused by this, going, “But? I am the less to care in every group? Or so I am told. How am I to less care, if I don’t give a f*** about anything right now?”

Loki smiled to me and shared with me, my lesson to learn: “You are proving My point. You are asking many questions when there needs not be one question to ask about this. Go ahead, My Dear. Say something more about this. I am fond of what you have to say next about this. Go ahead. I listen.” I remember opening my mouth to say something more, but I shut my mouth again. Loki gave me a knowing wink at me, and kept smiling about this.

I could not say more, because I sat down and thought about this in silence and Loki is right. I guessed that I do care about many things, some things that I guessed that I should not care about.

I took Loki’s word and applied this for my every day moments. For once, I got up, didn’t care about brushing my teeth and ate breakfast, then I brushed my teeth afterward, showered. I did my morning routine quite differently. I even stayed in bed and listened to music. I broke passed my own comfort and did something that I have never tried before, a totally different routine.

From Loki’s Lesson, I’ve learned more about myself.

For me, Loki Lesson Of The Day is:

“Care less. Care much, much less than you are. Care enough about things and yourself, still care to take care of yourself, but do not take care in everything. Relax, kick back, call it a night, and turn off your phone.”

Day 16: Loki’s Words

Day 16: Loki’s Words

I know that Loki’s words can go any where. I didn’t expect His conversation to end up with me, spilling the beans, in other words, and telling every single memory of an event that happened for myself years ago.

After I told the whole story, every vivid detail of the memory that I can recall of, Loki spoke with a smile of His Own. “Ah,” Loki smiled to this, “This is what I have been waiting for you to inform Me of, to share with me. Thank you, My Pet, for sharing everything I wished for you to tell Me. Thank you for sharing.” Loki’s smile grew into a satisfied looking grin. I remember covering my mouth slightly in surprise. I didn’t realize that I told everything about the event that happened back then, years ago, not until after I did so, and it was with Loki. I felt very and still feel very surprised by the conversation that had happened, and somehow I told Loki everything.

I still don’t know exactly how everything came out of me and that easily. It was like I was reliving the vivid memory all over again when I was sharing this with Loki.

Loki and His Words.

Darn. I am astonished.