So, I’ve been getting “messages,” from Many and plenty of Gods, Messengers of Gods, etc., about how “Spring is Approaching,” I do get that Spring is here, I got that, definite confirmation there, but then this is added to the message, and now I wonder, “Persephone is leaving the Underworld.”

So, I started to politely ask, “Which messenger are you?” I could not help myself no longer, I had to know, since it’s the numberth time I’ve been “confirmed this, the same way,” and I am being serious on this, even Loki told me this same message. 

Loki let me know, “That messenger sent there, who is walking away, all the messages I’ve been given, those are all directly from the Underworld, from Hades, if you didn’t notice until now.”

No, trust me, I noticed the messages coming through by others, where this is all coming from, I didn’t try and guess until this point of being woke out of dead sleep by this message. “Really,” I asked, “why am I being told this? Do I really need to know when Spring is here?” Can’t I already tell? My libido picks up a tenfold, my senses heighten, but I think that’s just me around Spring. But, mainly, about when Persephone may or may not be leaving Hades? Do I need to be reminded about this?

I asked Loki this, and Loki told me, “I wouldn’t know, I am not married to Hades, but You are! This is Your Husband, giving You private and personal messages from the other side. This is something I will not and cannot answer for You.”

Me to Loki, about what Loki just told me, “Only Hades can?”

Loki in confirmation, “Exactly. This is Your Husband, so…He is not My Husband, so…”

I remember covering my face to what Loki just told me, then uncovering my face to look at Loki in silence. Finally I told Loki, “Thank you…for stating the obvious…”

Loki, amused by my next words, “Don’t mention it.”

Dream or Experience?

I just woke from a nap/sleep. (I slept for so long, and it is rare for me to nap for so long, but I did.)
When I was drifting off to sleep, I kept listening to the world around me, then I heard steady, but loud rain falling. Possibly this could have been my fan, maybe? But, it sounded like heavy rain falling, which eased me faster into this, whether it is astral projection or into a deep slumber. I’m still deciding which is best to call this for myself?
I remember SomeOne being there, being wrapping into warm and comforting arms, so where ever I was then, it was comfortable, warm, and welcoming. SomeOne, Whom I was with, and right now, just coming back/awakening from this deepness of what ever this truly was, I can’t remember at the moment Who is Who? I heard Loki tell Another, and I felt joined arms, around me, to “Take care of Her, You gave Me Your Word on This.”
I heard Another’s voice telling Loki, in high understand, like acknowledging this, that He didn’t give just Loki His word, but He also gave me His word as well.
This made me curious, and I don’t know why I kept my eyes shut, just feeling and listening, using all my other senses to take this in. I felt loving arms leaving me and the Other’s taking hold, as I heard Loki tell me, amused by this, “Treat Him kindly, My Beloved. In other words, do not treat Him as You first met Me.” I could have laughed, but it was serious words from Loki, I told Loki something in confirmation. Loki completely left me there with Another.
Whom ever this is had a super strong aura, being about Him, like that of Hades’, which I thought was curious. That strong of energy, radiated so much from this Individual, which made me more want to open my eyes to see Him. So I curiously asked Him, “May I open my eyes to see You just yet?”
I guess something passed between Loki, Him, and I, for I had my eyes shut for a certain reason and understandable reason. I don’t think I’ve ever had to do this before? This seems very new for me, hence why I am writing this now.
I did ask Him, if I may open my eyes to see Him, if I may mediate, if I may deeply mediate or ask Him for His name, may I to find out? He paused, to listen to me, before letting me know, He will let me open my eyes soon, very soon in fact, just not at the moment. He told me, He has my word, that He shall reveal Himself to me, but my patience right then may be needed for interesting reasons, I guessed. I suppose that made fair sense, instead I was using my other senses to find out Whom exactly this is?
It was interesting, and it got even more interesting as time went on.
I remember when I opened my eyes, to awake from this, I saw a still life portrait of an enchanting Female Woman on a wall, and then I saw this beautifully, big, alive butterfly, gracefully flapping the wings, peacefully and calmly, and I remember the colors of the butterfly as well, then I woke back inside my body, curious toward what all happened back there?

Thoughtful Experience

I had the most interesting dream experience so far.

Lately, I’ve been just dreaming, but there was a point, when I carefully turned over in the middle of the night while in bed. I was falling back to sleep when I felt something gently touching my cheek. To be honest, I was so tired, I didn’t open my eyes, instead, I just stayed half awake, half asleep, so I didn’t respond, instead heading toward sleep. But, before I fell back to sleep last night, it felt as though someone gently loving my cheek with a hand, very affectionately, then I felt a soft kiss on my lips. I heard, faintly, this is how I knew I was still asleep, someone whispering something to me, but I can’t remember, for I was already falling fast asleep, and I was back out and asleep once more.

I wish I can remember, for it was excellent, just stinks I was falling back to sleep so fast. Maybe I’ll remember this later today? Hm.

I am of Love

“I am (that) of Love. As of Love, I reach and seek out the deepest, most hidden parts of yourself, that you dare never to seek; I am seeing, I am hearing, I am feeling (that of) you. The part of one’s self, (that) which is Love. Love is here, Love is there, even (if) hidden. I am (that of) Love.” 💗

A New Awakening

I keep hearing, as of recent, for many, Awakenings and Answers, lots of Changes are happening for everyone and everything. I didn’t realize everyone was going through the same until today.

Recently, I am going through a deep set, and months in advance known awakening, but the actual awakening is absolutely interesting for myself to experience.

I remember, one night, coming back into my area (where I keep my altar lit, do meditations, etc.), and Loki is with Another. Remembering back now, to that night back, I believe She is the Goddess Whom I’ve been knowing of this whole time (with inner intuition). I really did not have the moment to ask of any questions, for I just walked in for a drink of water, paused, and decided to exit the way I came, since Loki and Her were speaking with each other when I first walked in, and when I walked in, They both paused, She smiled to me, and then Loki smiled to me, both smiles read different, so, I paused, then quietly exit once more.

In so many ways, which may be hard for me to explain at the moment, going through this new and set awakening, this Goddess I have known of, She will be showing me, guiding me, and teaching me of some subjects that I’ve asked of once before (still figuring out exactly what all these are, but hey, time will reveal it’s self, I’ve learned). Loki did tell me, that there are some things He can aid with, and there some things which are best left with Goddesses of Love. This being one of them. So, when I walked in on Them that night or two ago, that was why I gave that response (which is amusing, for I knew).

Yes, I have worked with and still do work with Goddess of Love, and this coming to surface, within my awakening is interesting to experience for myself. One which may unfold as time comes and goes, but I do know that Loki shall be around during this, which is nice, a sort of (now) familiar (thought this Goddess as well is a familiar of mine from long, long times and beyond time ago).

This is more than just an experience, this is more than just teaching, aiding, and guidance, more than I can comprehend at the moment, but this is why I am taking my time with this awakening, as far as She shall allow me, same with Loki through this.

Time to allow this awakening to begin. 💗